Downgrading back to 8.0.35

Ok well since upgrading to the latest version of Cubase 8.5 pro its been almost impossible to get anything done crash crash and more crashes , Ive configured my system multiple ways and made sure all driver are up to date and working , Only in 8.5 do i have issues so reinstalled 8 and updated and wouldn’t ya know it loaded a buggy crash ridden 8.5 project into 8.0.35 saved it then reopened and its been running that buggy song for an hour now as compared to 8.5 where the GUI would freeze before the song even end or loaded sometimes. also CPU& ASIO performance is MUCH better. while i did like the features in 8.5 its complete instability on my system im over it. on the weekend ill get a new audio interface and hopefully that helps as its thie only thing i can think of causing the issue. as Motu drives & cubase have always had some issues.

My machine is art only and not connected to the internet and the few other programs i have on it run flawless

Both Persons Studio 1 & Protools run without issue.

This update thats supposed to come this month i hope fixes thing!

I love Cubase and its my fav for work flow, I have too much invested in it in time and money, come on Steiny! dat let me down.

I’m with you!

I’m in the same boat. I am getting random automation glitches that don’t appear in Cubase 8.03. I really like the new features and I am hopeful that Steinberg will get the issues worked out.

just a side note, 8.0.35 does it as well only 8.0.30 is stable for me. I reckon the .35 update has updates that were in 8.5 ported to 8… hope this update thats suppose to come this month solves this issue and some others like when i load 8.5 it leaves a gap in the mixer hiding stereo out… have to collapse the faders to fill up the free space and then stereo mix pops back into view. save it and when i re open it has the same issue.

Yikes… That’s a new one (for me anyway…) Just about the only bug I am not experiencing in 8.5…

Where have you read there will be another update to Cubase this month?


actually i guess its just a list of issues we get to chime in on what needs fixing first

see the “open letter to steinberg users” something to that effect its a sticky

I think it will be couple of months before next update. In last year update was every three months.