Downgrading Cubase 12.0.6 to 12.0.52

Hey guys! I need help…

I recently updated my Cubase Pro 12.0.52 to 12.0.6. The info mentioned one point important to me:

“We improved the latency compensation when exporting audio in projects with external hardware routings.” As I’m using hardware, I thought “Nice, if it’s better now, I need to update.” So I did. The problem - I instantly heard a change not for the better but at least in my case for the worse. It’s super subtle but whatever Steinberg did here, it makes my current mix/master (done in one project) harsher and it shifts the stereo stage a bit (Not to one side, I feel like things got a bit “flatter” and the soundstage is a bit slimmer). I have older exports and made new ones and compared to to make sure I’m not tripping. A friend of mine with a good pair of ears at first did’t want to believe me but heard for himself yesterday and was like “man, that’s true, it’s harsher now.”

So I looked in the download assistant and saw there is only a possibility to download and install the latest version of Cubase. I then found the 12.0.52 installer (the last one before the latency compensation update was included) and installed it. It said "Installation successful, but there is still the 12.0.6 icon and it seems the installer recognises there is a newer version installed and doesn’t overwrite it. How do I install on Mac the previous version then? I’m very worried to just delete the current one to install completely from scratch as I’m worried it will delete important stuff? Didn’t want to make things worse and loose anything.

My plan is not to stick with 12.0.52 until the rest of the days, I just need to finish the current projects as they were sounding and after that I’ll have to live with whatever Steinberg did and make mix decisions based on the new fold down. But I’m desperately in need to finish the work with the old version.

I’m on Mac Big Sur btw. I super thankful for anyone sharing the (most likely) easy solution in going down to 12.0.52 and highly recommend you guys to pay attention to this subtle change, it can go easily unnoticed but has an impact on what is coming out of the speakers.

Thank you in advance!

Perhaps the changes to the latency compensation has caused some kind of phasing issue? Would only need a slight ms offset for that to occur if you have parallel processing or something going on.

In regards to your question - As far as I’m aware you can rename the current .app file to be 12.0.6 and then re-install Cubase 12.0.52 which would become your new Cubase

Edit, in fact, just checked:

If Martin says it, it’s true! :slight_smile:

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Hey! Thank you for the fast reply! I’ve red the feed and it appears to be the right thing, same goal I’m having. I just didn’t get what to do exactly. Where do I find this .app? I right-clicked the icon and then “open package contents” but couldn’t find any .app file. Or does it simply mean it’s about the cubase (app) icon in the Applications area? Just rename to (whatever) or Cubase.12.0.6 and then install 12.0.52 so the installer doesn’t recognise there is a newer version existing? And it won’t mess anything up? I mean Hub entries and plugin lists and what not… I’m just very careful with such stuff.

Thank you again! I hope it would/will work as simple as that!

Yes it’s the icon in the applications folder that you right clicked on just now, just rename that file.

Cubase settings are in their own files separate from the app, so you shouldn’t upset anything -particularly as both are C12.

Just be sure that you’re opening the correct .app icon after doing this. i.e. drag the one you wish to use primarily to the dock at the bottom of your MacOS desktop.

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Ok! Thank you so much!!! I’ll try right away!

I’ll be deleting my account in case it goes wrong! :wink:

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It worked! Didn’t open up the project yet that this whole thing is about, but another one (smaller one, to see if it opens) and Cubase even kept the outboard routing! I’m super happy! Will now export the final version with 12.0.52 and expect everything to be just as it was before. :slight_smile: Man, thank you so much for helping me here on a Sunday!

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