Downgrading cubase 7.5 licence down to 7.0

Hi guys,

I own cubase 7 and upgraded to 7.5 last september.

Does anyone know if it is possible to downgrade the 7.5 licence on the e-licencer backdown to 7.0. This is because gear4music off a cubase 7(ONLY) to cubase 8 upgrade for 60 quid. This is cheaper than the 80 quid upgrade from 7.5 to 8.0.

If this is possible could you please point me to the appropriate steps to do this. I have already looked at my e-licencer which now just states “cubase 7.5”, and the option to remove the licence is grayed out.

Thanks in advance

Aloha b, and welcome to the board. E’ Komo Mai’.

What you want I do not believe is possible.

I have C7 and C7.5 on my 'puter but my dongle (license)
says: C8.x

Perhaps a mod will prove me wrong and
chime in with some additional info on this topic.

Good Luck!

Aloha curteye,

I feared that might be the case. I did submit this question to Steinberg a week ago but they seem far too busy to get back to me. It’s another life lesson learnt. i will, if i don,t hear back from them, sell it on Ebay at a discount.



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Hello, did you get anywhere with this ? I to have 7.5 seen advertised 7 to 8 upgrade only 60 quid, I have uninstalled 7.5 and reinstalled 7, was going to buy and try. Did you try it ?

This won’t work. It doesn’t matter what is installed. It only matters what the license on the dongle is.