Downgrading from 11.0.40 to 11.0.30

11.0.40 has some seriously weird lag here on macOS 10.14.6. Stupid things like simply dropping down the inserts or sends is taking several seconds.

I’ve never had to downgrade Cubase before but I want to go back to 11.0.30 which did not have these lag problems. Before I try this, do any Mac users know if I am going to run into any issues if I just recover the app from a Time Machine backup or will I need to re-install the 10.0.30 pkg?

Time Machine (for both your app and the preference folder) should work fine. I’ve done it from time to time with Nuendo.

Still…I’m running the same OS on 11.0.4 (granted, on Nuendo) without the issues you’ve described. I DID have some issues with the hub, and possibly other places–not sure-- when I updated, but found that deleting the prefs folder and letting it rebuild took care of everything. Maybe worth a try?


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Yup tried deleting prefs - still ridiculous lag doing anything.

I’m starting to suspect it might be a GUI update issue. Mixer seems to be struggling to update.

For example - inserts on a VST just took 10 seconds to drop down.

Also just noticed if I simply try to drag a fader in the mixer, it can take a few seconds for the fader to actually move.

  • also noticed if I close all plugins, then open them again, performance returns.

I’ve had strange things like this go on in Catalina where the only way I got it to work clean is do a complete reinstall and then take snapshots as you add the software back in This, of course, is big pain to do. I used to get the spinning wheel and it cleared it up. I use a couple of utility software like Mac Cleaner Pro and SuperDuper to take a drive image. That software works fin in 10.14.6 but not in 10.15.7 on macOS. I too went back to Cubase 11.0.30. I’m just going to hang back in this release until 11.5 or 12 come out.

Same issue here in Windows. Even recording one instrument in a new project gives me noticeable lag monitoring it, even without recording but just listening to it. Did not do that in the previous version.