Downgrading to LE...

I’m a musician who isn’t technically savvy. I had Cubase LE a billion years ago, loved it, made lots of recordings. I started upgrading as the years went by, and the more complicated things got, the less I created. I purchased Cubase 7 when it came out and the learning curve killed all my productivity.

I want to get back into recording, and I want to go simple again. I plan to buy a Zoom R8, install Cubase LE9 on my laptop, and simplify things.

My BIG question!!!

Will I be able to pull things out of my Cubase 7 and add them onto my Cubase LE9 as needed? Things like synths and effects that don’t come included in the LE version. Will they be transferable? From 7 to whatever version is the current LE?

Thanks in advance. I’m going to double post this in the Cubase LE section cuz I wasn’t sure where best to put it.


No, plug-ins, which were part of Cubase 7 and are not part of Cubase LE 9, they will not be transferred. The same is, if you use more then 4 Insert slots. Same if you used more tracks then the limit of Cubase LE is, you will hear the tracks, but you can’t edit them. If you were using VariAudio, the VariAudio data will be lost.