Download Access Code doesn't work

I purchased Elements 11 from an online store, got my package delivered with nothing but a piece of paper with the Download Access Code. I went through the whole shebang with the Download Assistant, couldn’t get it to work no matter what I did (different browsers, the clock sync trick, everything) so I thought, okay, maybe I can just manually download the software using the access code.

And… “This Download Access Code does not exist. - 404”. So any ideas?

I also made a request ticket about this but now I can’t access that, it just redirects to the front page after I log in. As if it’s been deleted. I honestly feel I’m being punished for spending money on your product, and I’d just love to get this out of the way at least.

Hi and welcome,

With the license issues, it’s the best to get in contact with the Steinberg support directly.