Download Access Code + email change


I’ve been unable to activate Dorico 5 so far. Here’s how I understand it:

  • I’ve had a valid license for Dorico 3.5 (eLicenser)
  • I upgraded successfully to Dorico 4 a year ago
  • at some point I changed the email linked to my Steinberg account (might be relevant)
  • I’ve just bought the upgrade to Dorico 5. Now when I try to enter my DAC for Dorico 5 it says I’ve bought the upgrade without owning the original product. If I try to enter the DAC for Dorico 4 it says it was already used by another user. So I’m stuck. To be complete none of the Dorico 4/5 licenses appear in my Steinberg account, only the old 3.5.

I’ve tried reinstalling SAM as suggested somewhere else by Daniel, to no effect.

Additionally there’s no way to file a support ticket, when I try to do so it just crashes to the home page. Could someone from tech support reach out to me ? Thanks a lot.

Your problem is related to the email change, have you looked at this document on the support site

Maybe that helps you getting access to your data again.

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Hi Juergen, thank you so much for replying. I’m contacting Asknet hoping they will solve my problem. I’ve been a loyal customer from day one so I’d hate to be locked out because of an email change. I’ll come back and post the outcome here.

Thank you!

Clement, if you send me a private message here on the forum including both your current and your old Steinberg ID emails, I’ll see what I can figure out.

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