Download Access Code Error - Access Code is already consumed by another user

Dear Steinberg Company!

Please help me! Last year I purchased the Cubase 11. It worked well. Today I typed my ‘Download Access Code’ and I got the message: ‘Download Access Code is already consumed by another user’.

I use the latest version of Download Assistant. Please help me out, what does it mean, and how can I fix it.

Thanks in advance,

A ‘Download Access Code’ is for one-time use. Normally one would activate the license, which would have then resided on your Elicenser, either on a USB dongle or as a software license on your OS drive.

What do you see in your Elicenser application, or in your Steinberg Account?

You don’t need a code to simply download the software, by the way. It’s just in a different section of the Download Assistant.

Dear Steve!

Thank you very much your feedback. Previously, every time I opened the ‘Download Assistant’ I typed the access code too.

Yesterday was the first time - after a longer ‘Download Assistant’ update - that I got the following message: “access code is consumed by another user”.

I saw its a newer Download Assistant, but when I was reading the message I thought a bad thing happened.

So, I did not know the unnecesarry of typing access code in Assistant every time I open it. I guess it was a misunderstanding by me.

I see my products in my Steinberg Account and in the eLicener too. Works well. I see the infos and the products of course. My Cubase works well too, I have a dongle in the PC. The message was absolutely new for me.

So. No any special issue in my case? No to do with this message?

If I understand well, I have to type the ‘Access Code’ just one-time, after an installation process of ‘Download Assistant’, when I open it for the first time , and install my Cubase (with activation code) onto my OS system.

Thanks in advance your answer!