Download access code is already consumed by another user & eLicenser too old

Hi, I raised a support ticket which I’ve had no reply to regarding Cubase 11 Pro and its activation.
I have installed the software, but firstly, the eLicenser Control Center pops up with a message saying that the ELC is too old?! I have the latest version installed.
Anyway, I came to the forum as I have not had any help from Steinberg. Someone told my to enter the number in the Steinberg Download Assistant which I did, but now it tells me that ‘Download access code is already consumed by another user’!!
I’ve sent in a second support ticket but was wondering if anyone can help. I’m feeling completely let down by Steinberg.


This message appears if you try to insert Download Access Code instead of Activation Code.

This has nothing to do with the previous error.

I’m sorry, toss is user forum.

Where did you buy your Cubase Pro 11 from?

For eLicenser based products, if they’re bought used, the seller can’t just send you a code. They have to mail you their physical USB-eLicenser dongle containing the license.


Only in the case, it’s retail (full) version. If you buy an update or upgrade, there is no USB-eLicenser.