Download access code is already consumed by other user

can anyone help me whats wrong with with my download manager

Nobody will be able to help you with this little information.

What are you trying to activate? Is it software you have been able to activate and use before?

i purchased cubase 11 pro last year and that everything was running smoothly but since i reset my computer last month im not getting to activate my download access code , everytime i enter code its showing that code has been consumed by another user , i dont know what went wrong if anyone can help me with this , please help me.

If you’ve already activated Cubase Pro 11, then you don’t need to activate it again. It should be available for download under “My product downloads”. If it’s not, just look for Cubase Pro 11 under the Cubase category in the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Don’t forget to connect your USB-eLicenser dongle to your computer before running Cubase Pro 11. Only Cubase Pro 12 or later support Steinberg Licensing, which ditches the dongle.