Download Access Code?

I have the same problem

I am sorry for the inconvenience. Give me some minutes and I‘ll have a look

@MiloDC and @patrom
The issue has been fixed and you should receive the missing DACs from the online shop very soon.

I’ve the same issue. Reported here:

No DAC yet.

Same here. Jonas, can you give an indication of what “very soon” is going to be?

Thanks, got it. I’ve successfully downloaded and installed Dorico 4 Pro.

Dorico 4 still isn’t listed under “My Products,” though. :man_shrugging:

@RoelVanWijk and @b_e_n

I have just been told that in the meantime all missing DACs have been sent out. Can you confirm?

I think so far MyProducts only shows eLicenser based products.

However, I am glad that you are able to use Dorico 4 now.

Have fun!

Yes! Thank you very much! Everything works fine now!

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Yes! It’s up and running.
Thank you very much, this is (again) an impressive example of how eager you all are to make every customer a happy one.
The Steinberg download/upgrade-system is a nightmare, must I say, but The software itself (I use Dorico Pro and Cubase Elements) is a dream. Dorico 4 is incredible!

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I wouldn’t call it a nightmare, but it’s definitely a feat requiring an inordinate amount of patience, and maybe even some skill, for what should be an easy and painless process.

On the bright side, I’m once again free of having to use my USB dongle to use Dorico, thank goodness. :+1:

You’re probably right, I’m not really a computer person, and I surely lack some skills of that kind.
Dorico 4’s Project Setup improvements, the Jump Bar and the new Insert functions are going to make my life a lot easier. Thanks to all!

Yeah, the Jump Bar is definitely bananas :banana: (in a good way).

Lots to learn for this new release.

I’m upgrading to Dorico Pro 4 from 3.5. I received no email from Steinberg or Asknet. Download Assistant could not find my purchase info from Dorico 3.5 and concluded that I never had it. I’ve been trying for several hours to get this resolved. What’s happening?

Maybe this link from Daniel will help you.

Hello there,

I upgraded to Dorico 3.5 Pro in November and in “My Products” section in Steinberg it says “Grace Period Eligible”, which means I can upgrade to Dorico 4.

I read in this forum that there should be a Download Access Code, that either is sent to us via email or it is listed in the products section in Steinberg’s website.
I didn’t receive any email nor I can see the Download Access Code in “My Products” Dorico column. I’m confused. How can I find the Download Access Code?

Thank you in advance,

Welcome to the forum, @GregEleftheriou. Hopefully you will find that if you run eLicenser Control Center on the computer where Dorico 3.5 is installed (and with your USB-eLicenser connected, if your Dorico license is stored on the USB-eLicenser), and allow it to perform its default maintenance task, at the end of that process, it should prompt you to go online to redeem your free update. If that doesn’t happen, please send me a private message here on the forum including a screenshot of your eLCC window showing your Dorico 3.5 license, and I’ll be pleased to advise you further.

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Followed some instructions from the steinberg forum and I installed it. So, it’s a win.
(this one: Grace period update to Dorico 4 - #2 by dspreadbury )

But I can’t really find a way to make my products (Cubase 10 and Dorico 4) to work without the usb.

For some reason the Usb e licenser shows all my products, but the soft e licenser doesn’t. I’m confused and I would love to fix this, as not having to use the usb is a saver. Either it’s kind of complicated or I’m completely dumb. :confused:

Cubase 10 still requires the USB-eLicenser (and always will): if you choose to update to Cubase 12 when it arrives a little later in the year, you will no longer need the USB-eLicenser for Cubase eitherm but if you have other Steinberg products (e.g. plug-ins, instrument content sets, etc.) they will also continue to require the USB-eLicenser until they have been updated to use the new Steinberg Licensing system.

However, if you’re successfully running Dorico 4 now, then the good news is that you could disconnect your USB-eLicenser while Dorico is running.

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