Download and activation Doriсo trial

Hello. I live in Russia and use Google translator. I can not get Doriсo to try. I did everything right, but I did not receive a letter from Steinberg with a link for downloading Doriсo trial and activation code Dorico trial. Maybe I’ll buy Doriсo, since I have the right to Doriсo education. But I want to try Doriсo trial and I can not do it yet. Is this a problem for everyone or only for me? Maybe someone can help me solve this problem here? I tried to ask Steinberg about this, but I could not do it.

Although this is a holiday weekend, I expect you will hear from one of the Steinberg Team shortly.

I really hope so. It’s amazing that Steinberg has been resting for a week, and Avid never rest! Russians also like to rest, but the Germans obviously like to rest even more than the Russians. Only unhappy Americans do not rest at all. I very much regret them and therefore, probably, I will buy Sibelius. I hope that Google correctly translated my idea.

If you failed to contact Steinberg then you can’t expect them to contact you, and it’s probably not because they’re “resting”!
The good news is that you’ve reached out, here. Hopefully someone from the team will communicate with you, here!

Calm down please. We also do work constantly. That you did not get an activation code for the trial is most likely due to a failure in the automated mailing system. So either Daniel can send you a trial activation code, or we can have a look in our system what went wrong. For that we need the e-mail address with which you registered and we can track that down in our system. So please send me your e-mail address via private mail or to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’. But I hope that Daniel can kick in, because that will be much faster.

Good. My e-mail: or


With respect, kafkindom, you’ll find Steinberg’s support and dedication (here) superlative.

С уважением, кафкиндом, вы найдете превосходство Стейнберга и преданность делу (здесь).
[courtesy Google Translate]

Thanks for the kind words!

Thanks for that. But you have to wait until Tuesday, because our office is closed due to the Easter break. Maybe Daniel sees this thread and can send you a trial activation earlier.

Good. I’ll wait.

Did you check your spam folder?.. :wink:

Yes. I always check it.

Did you try with both of your email addresses?

I have sent kafkindom a trial activation code via private message.

Hello, Daniel. I recently came home and saw this message. Now I’ll try Doriсo. Thank you.