Download and Installation


I had just purchased The Grand 3 on Steinberg. However I am unable to find the link to download and install the software. Can you please help and let me know where can I download and install the module?


In order to have a download version, you’re either updating from the Grand 2 or getting a permanent activation code for your trial. If it’s the former you should have an email with the download link and all the info you need to get in. Otherwise, you bought the boxed version and just don’t know it. :wink:

Me too. This is exactly what happened when i bought the symphonic orchestra activation and had to request a download link from steinberg!!!

as i understand if youre buying an activation link for the grand, it should have been packaged as a trial in you cubase 6 box,
except i presume like me you upgraded to cubase 6 from 5 hence you have no grand trial installer. (or symthonic orchestra)

i had to be download a massive disc image off steinberg for the symphonic orchestra install as the version with cubase 5 was much older. the iso image the got me to download doesnt include a grand trial either tho.
bad form!