Download assisstant not updating

Download assistant will not update. a connection to the download assistant could not be established. When `I do get past this message it fails to implement the update. This is so frustrating as I would like to take advantage of the latest updates to Dorico 4, which must be done through the download assistant. Please help

Fortunately you don’t need Steinberg Download Assistant to update Dorico 4. You can download the Dorico 4 updates from this page:

You should also make sure you download and update Steinberg Activation Manager, which is linked at the top of that page.

Thank you Daniel,

I have managed to update all now. The problem is in part due to our slow Internet coupled with slow download offered by the server. I have at last also managed to download the sound files that came with Dorico 4. Previously it would timeout after 48 hours of trying. I did this several times before giving up. Yesterday was a good day.
Thank you Gary