Download-Assistance:my experience with it and some improvements to consider

i had some issues and difficulties with Download assistance .
just share my experience with it for making it better hopefully in next updates

1: i could not download in parallel several products/libraries at once. when i start a download i can’t go to other product to download unless i pause the first download or it completed to download. it’s a bit clunky and time wasting !! (if im not wrong it was possible before ? )

2: is there a search option to search/filter a product? i couldn’t find any search box, and with the growth of steinberg products its hard to find specific one (idea for developers to add a search box if there is no one already)

3: it’s kind of a mess, when u have a few steinberg products, even cubase alone .download assistances can’t tell what you got downloaded and installed and what not in your computer and it makes a confusion. also for new product version updates etc…

4: it has a category “my products” and it showed me there cubase AI 11, but i have AI 9 license. i thought maybe i got a free update, i installed it and when i launched AI 11 it says you have no license , i checked also at “my steinberg” account to check for maybe a bounos free update but i didn’t find anything there. so it was misleading thing in download assistance too
(i have many steinberg software licences but only Cubase AI 11 which i dont have license to appeared there and the new LoFI piano)

100% correct

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Same here. The My products tab is a very bizarre and incomplete list of my actual licenses. The licenses in the e-license control center are correct though, as are the licenses on my account.

Anyway, for updating Cubase pro and wavelab pro the download manager is not usable, have to do it manually. I really don’t see the point of this manager.

It is the same for me also. I do have a lot of older products that don’t show up, and that is expected, but the newer license purchases should be showing up under “My Products”.

My current products show only WaveLab 10 Pro. WaveLab 11 Pro should be showing there also as a license was purchased for that a few days ago.

I’m still able to download and install WL 11 Pro from that product category and run it because my eLicenser updated properly.

Running Windows 10 latest. 64 Gigs Ram, Ryzen 9 3900X