Download Assistant - a big mess

Ok, I got completely bamboozled by the download assistant and now I have one big mess on my hands. Just bought Artist 13 so used assistant to install a bunch of stuff. Lo and behold, a lot of the stuff I was allowed to install is not included in my license! WTF?!?
So two requests:

  1. Can you please make it easy to install ONLY things that are licensed. Can you also show clearly on each download if it’s licensed or not. Or even better default to hiding things that are not licensed.
  2. How do I now uninstall all of the things that are not licensed? I’ve got my HDD packed with stuff that doesn’t work and have no idea how to uninstall it. Download assistant doesn’t give me an option to uninstall - in fact despite using up disk space and some plugins showing up in “Programs and Features” in Windows, DA claims ignorance and provides no option to uninstall. This is especially issue with “content” as that doesn’t show in Windows. Can’t even tell where the files are to delete.

It should not be this messy and should not be this hard. Not for an expensive premium product.


Under “My Product-Downloads” you can see what is coverd by your license.


You can remove content with the Steinberg Library Manager. You will find options to move and to remove content files here.

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