Download Assistant amnesia


It is very good to have all downloads available through one portal - Download Assistant. But I don’t understand why it don’t remember which installation was already downloaded when I switch to another software in left pane of window. Is it too hard to check if his created and named folder have file downloaded?

Interesting is that it remembers paused files and anytime you can continue download process without restarting it. Also I can pause download, exit program, and when go back, it shows normally a “download” button (not “continue” as it should be) and when I press “download”, it continues trom position it was paused. It’s good, but please make it clear visually and show already downloaded files if they exist in download folder.

Maybe it can be fixed in log if some installation was downloaded for 100%, installed but removed so used can see - okay, it was downloaded but moved to archive somewhere. Just ideas. Because I thing no one will store all installations on working drive.

Sad is that for example in case of Iconica download, pause doesnt work and by pause and restart computer you can loose large amount of data.
But Your points about interface of downloader is right, it will be great if Steinberg improve this few things, it is not rocket science and it helps a lot.