Download Assistant and Pro 12 and Pro 13 and VST3 Compatibility

Just purchased Cubase 13 Pro and opened Download Assistant. Installed Cubase 13.0.10 - Application (required) and so good so far.
All the other items that I have previously purchased as part of Absolute 6 or Cubase 12 Pro are listed with either Install or Install Again.
Question is, do I have to download and install all the things that are already installed?
As far as I know I have all the latest versions of HALion, Padshop, Retrolugue, Groove Agent, Etc. so there is no distinction or anything to tell me if what I have is still compatible with Cubase 13 or that requires me to install it.
Steinberg, please clarify and confirm if I have to reinstall everything or not to work with Cubase 13 Pro.


No, you don’t.

Thank you for confirming.