Download Assistant: copy downloaded files to different machine, without DA deleting them?

I am trying to copy the content of the Groove Agent SE 5 - Content (recommended) from one W10 machine to another to avoid redownloading 6GByte (which is a lot with a non-fixed network connection). So I copied over the .vstsound files from the machine where they were already installed / downloaded and deleted the corresponding .sda-download files. Started Steinberg Download Assistant, and it throws away all my files and resumes at the same place as before (453.2 MB / 6.17GB).

That’s annoying because it is slow and eats into my monthly allowance. Considering I already downloaded the content once it is completely unnecessary, and it also would defeat any local backup/restore strategy.

How can I force DA to accept the already downloaded data? Is there an ini / json file I can edit to convince it I already have the data?

Here is the list of downloaded files:

-a----        28/08/2022     23:01      194241765 FCP_SMT_137_Groove_Agent_SE.vstsound
-a----        28/08/2022     22:57      766405231 FCP_SMT_146_GA_Studio_Kit_Eco.vstsound
-a----        28/08/2022     22:55       42672024 FCP_SMT_152_GASE_Acoustic_Studio_Kit.vstsound
-a----        28/08/2022     22:51      591013544 FCP_SMT_214_Production_Grooves.vstsound
-a----        28/08/2022     22:51        4859660 FCP_SMT_215_Production_Grooves_Kits.vstsound
-a----        28/08/2022     22:53       40326723 FCP_SMT_775_GASE_The_Kit_SE_Presets.vstsound
-a----        28/08/2022     23:07     2158997060 FCP_SMT_776_GASE_The_Kit_SE_Samples.vstsound
-a----        28/08/2022     23:01      197067585 FCP_SMT_779_GASE_Laser_Beams.vstsound
-a----        28/08/2022     22:51        3781370 FCP_SMT_780_GASE_Laser_Beams_Instruments.vstsound
-a----        28/08/2022     22:58       88847285 Groove_Agent_ONE_01.vstsound
-a----        28/08/2022     22:56       60289643 Groove_Agent_ONE_02.vstsound
-a----        28/08/2022     22:52       39872644 Groove_Agent_ONE_03.vstsound

I don’t know what happens when a download of a product is in progress or when one deletes .sda-download files. But when a download/install is started and the Download Helper discovers existing files with the expected checksums in the right place, it should skip the download. I have checked the behavior with version 1.35.0 on Windows 10 with both applications and content (.vstsound files).