Download Assistant CRASHES after clicking "activate"

As title says: I click “activate” after input my Acces code and its just remains loading and the window reads “(not responding)”.
I tried unninstalling and reinstalling, same happens.
Im on win8, i7 ,16ram
-Edit-: After a whiiile a message pops saying:
Application ‘LCC2’ has caused the following error:

Could not connect POS.

  • Click to abort.

What steps should I take? Thanks in advance!

Please, if this is not the proper, only or best via to get costomer assistance refer me to the correspondant one. I bought a product so I could count on Cubase as my DAW for work, I have people waiting for music projects, its been entire days without this to work…


As a workaround, activate Cubase in the eLCC application instead, please.