Download Assistant Crashes on Mac OS - Monterrey

Hi all,

Anybody having this issue?

See video.

Mac OS Monterrey 12.7.1
Download Assistant - 1.35.0

This is happening on Sonoma as well. Its the Download Asst Software.

I hope someone else sees this and can shed light, I can’t install Cubase 13, this is a bummer.

Decided to download C13 and Activation and activation manager

If anyone has the same issue:

  1. Download and Install Steinberg Activation Manager
  2. Download and Install Cubase (13)
  3. Try Opening Download Assistant - if it crashes, click try again.
    Now that Media Bay exist it should be working now.
    Seems to be a bug whereas it expects you to already have a Cubase version installed.

Tried that as well. Does not work here

I installed everything manually and the Download Assistant still crashes when trying to install it. Takes me to the OS login screen every time

Hi shanabit, I am sorry to hear that. Do you think I should file a bug?

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