Download Assistant crashing on start or shortly after startup

This started happening in recent weeks, as I am continuing to install components on an i7 macOs Monterey laptop. Everything app wise is already up to date and Dorico is working with default VSTs. Download Assistant has already updated itself previously multiple times successfully so it should be the up to date version itself. I always shutdown/poweron so it is unlikely to be some process that is previously stuck, because this was a fresh startup. I disregarded these occurrences in the past as Assistant has started up after subsequent runs of the app (I guessed it might be a very spotty network connection but probably not). But today (with solid wifi) it crashed 3 times in a row: twice at startup and once after starting to download full Iconica.

I probably do not have time to debug further, I have a deadline at present. I can continue for now with this crashy behavior…

I wonder if it is related to using a slow SSD, so maybe something internal is timing out then crashing.

I would give it a try and download the most recent version of Download Manager directly from the Steinberg Site:

It is already the up-to-date version, I would guess. It always updates itself eventually and previously updated itself.

Do we know that the latest versions will still reliably run on Monterey?

Another crash (after running for 20+ mins) while downloading a large chunk of Iconica and in the ‘Verifying’ step.

Because this crash went to the ‘report to Apple?’ os reporter, I copied the log and will attach it here. I assume it doesn’t have any secret information. If so, the Dorico team can delete this message and/or attachment.

download assistant crash (13.8 KB)

Hi @superblonde ,
thanks for the crash report.
I will forward it to the team that developed the Download Assistant.

The latest update (i.e. today) had a different error window (I didnt capture it) after the Assistant updated itself, something about ‘eLicensor couldn’t connect’ or update or something. I don’t know what that means, but I don’t have my dongle attached presently, if that is required (it shouldn’t be, I guess).

The Assistant later crashed multiple times while I still attempt to install remaining VST’s. (This is not blocking my current work, but it is not nice.)

Hi @superblonde , would you please choose from Dorico’s menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and attach the resulting zip file to a reply here? Thanks.
And also the latest crash files of the Download Assistant, please.

Dorico (879.9 KB)

download assistant crash (13.7 KB)

download assistant crash 20240221 (14.7 KB)

download assistant crash 20240221 (13.2 KB)

download assistant crash 20240221 (16.7 KB)

I noticed now that the update left the eLicenser install mounted, perhaps because of this eLicensor install error. I will run it later to see what happens, with dongle attached. I assume it is not proper for the Assistant auto-upgrader to leave it mounted, even in case of error.

Normally the Steinberg Download Assistant is the recommended tool for downloading Steinberg software. Well, in your case this is not reliable, so I propose you use instead the direct download links from our website here.

With the news of the recent update, another round of using the Download Assistant commences. It did succeed long enough to get the new update.

1 Crash (of about a dozen) attached.

During install process I received many Steinberg Library Manager errors “Please check file permissions and retry”. I didn’t have this problem with my prior updates; well, I did have it a couple times, but then I reinstalled all Steinberg Libraries and it went away; but, now without any apparent change (maybe minor macOs updates?), it has returned. The VST’s are stored on external SSD. So then I ran the Dorico update directly (“open folder”, run Dorico_5.1.30_Installer_mac.dmg) which succeeded; and then went back to the Download Assistant to run the install again to see what would happen, and the same permission problems occurred. What are these permission problems? What causes them to spontaneously start appearing? What happens if they are ignored? Why is my Dorico app update attempting to touch my VST’s? Why is the Download Assistant process any different than running Dorico_5.1.30_Installer_mac.dmg pkg installer?

Screen Shot 2024-04-03 at 1.12.01 PM (16.2 KB)