Download Assistant - disable eLCC update

I’m using Cubase Pro 11 in Windows 10.
I have two “old” USB eLicensers which have some problems in communicating with my recently upgraded PC hardware. After flawlessly opening Cubase, the program very often hangs while opening a project which uses licensed VST instruments (Halion Sonic, Groove Agent), probably because the multiple accesses to the dongle cause the dongle to get “lost” by the system.
I tried all the possible fixes that came to my mind, but I could not find a permanent solution yet. I know I could simply… buy a new (third!) dongle, but that’s a “solution” I’m not going to choose unless absolutely forced, especially if I think that in a few months those Steinberg dongles will start to become obsolete.
A a slight improvement took place when, following the advice given on the eLCC download page on the Steinberg website (which by the way indirectly confirms the existence of some problems), I installed the “older” 6.11 version. So now I’d like to keep that version.

Here is my problem:
every time I launch the Download Assistant to check for available upgrades, the program immediately starts updating eLCC to its latest version. Which of course I don’t want to happen.

So the question is:
is there a way to disable that automatic eLCC check and update in Download Assistant?
Or, at least, is there a “correct” way to stop the eLCC update without closing the Download Assistant, so to be able to carry on with the other checks and downloads?

PS. I know I can wait for the eLCC setup.exe download to end and then answer NO when Windows asks me whether to allow the program to modify the system configuration, but I’d rather not have to wait every time. :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately, there is no way around this update routine. However, it may be an option to work without the Steinberg Download Assistant for the time being as many downloads are still available on our regular pages: Downloads | Steinberg

Thanks for your help.
I actually had to use Download Assistant this time, because I had a download code.

By the way, do you think there is no actual difference between installing and upgrading Steinberg products with their Download Assistant and installing and upgrading… the old way, by manually downloading and then launching the various setup “exe” files?
Probably it’s mainly a matter of age (mine), but I tend to prefer the second option.
However sometimes, for example when I see that some products appear as “not installed” in the DA while they are actually installed, some doubts arise… :slightly_smiling_face: