Download assistant does not all modules


On december, I downloaded Cubase 12 (I think I entered my download access code).
It was OK

Now I reinstall my PC.
I launch download assistant again (I do not enter my download access code), and get a very partial Download.
Most modules are not downloaded, neither installed (though Download Assisant claims they are installed).
Note : Between the two downloads, I changed the target folder for downloads.
What is the explanation for the partial download ?

Thanks for advance.

Note that the 5 downloaded modules (instead of 31) are exactly the same (verified with binary compare) than the ones downloaded the previous time.
I add this information, because I thought that Download Assistant downloaded only the new versions at the second time, but it is not the explanation.

As Download Assistant did not seem to download new versions, I changed the target folder to point to the 1st one (which is OK), and then clicked 31 times on install.
No explanation about the partial download (could it be … a bug ?), but my problem is fixed.