download assistant drives me nuts .....

I just was forced to use the steinberg download assistant for halion 6.2.20

it really p i s s e s me off, saving large files once AGAIN, after setting redirections to other drives, apparently in vain, into some vague folder my SMALL SSD boot partition.
Also it is not really made clear through this assistant if one needs to download the main Halion 6 or Sonic 3 library for this update …

This assistant sucks IMO, and the library manager is definitely NO better: attempting to use it, it messes up my large vstsound library always.

Besides, the Steinberg servers are really slow.


There’s got to be a better way.
I don’t put all the blame on Steinberg though, other than everything getting really bloated out of control - almost as bad as M$.

Some things I’ve seen recently are that files are scattered all over the place.
Like separate teams are working on stuff independently with their own ideas of where stuff should go,
instead of having everything co-ordinated and going to one general area.
A bit messy and sloppy without any clear indications of how to clean it up without losing files or having programs go belly up.

Yes, the Assistant is frustratingly slow on my laptop - almost like the old dial up days.
It goes significantly faster on my desktop cabled directly to a router, but then there’s no way to transfer stuff to my laptop where it’s needed.
I just get ‘file too big’ messages.

We’re still in the horse and buggy days with all this stuff, but I’m not getting any younger - that’s for sure.

even now its still annoying and slow and my download failed on the end 2 times and it just wants me to redownload everything for it to fail again