Download Assistant extremely slow

Seriously, what is going on with this? MY download speed half a gig a second and the Dorico 4 update is downloading at 1KB/s ONE KILOBYTE What. Is. Going. On?

I mean, look:

Oh boy, 3 kB/s. lucky me

I’ve had SDA fail on two computers and gave up, and just got the direct links.

There are direct links?

Found it. WHY STEINBERG??? Stop doing this to your great software. It is ruining the UE.

Sorry this happened to you. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I was able to download dorico in under a minute this morning without incident. I wonder if there’s a problem with the servers at the moment.

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I sure hope so. Not to mention that I had trouble logging into the forums to even ask this. Below is a rant If you are curious:

1. I switched from Chrome to Safari to save my 2017 MacBook's RAM.
2. I went to log in on Safari and entered the wrong email (I have too many: student, teacher, and personal)
3. This site prompted me to set up a new account.
4. Confused, I went back to chrome to discover that I used the wrong email address.
5. Unfortunately, I was unable to log in on Safari (even after clearing my cookies) because it required me to confirm my new account. (No matter what I did!)
6. I agreed, logged out of new account, and logged into this account.
7. I have never felt so stupid using tech than I have using the download assistant and this website today. 
8. Solution: please add a "Have an account already? Log in here." prompt on the set up new account popup for the love of god.