Download assistant file sizes smaller than indicated?

I am using the Download assistant on 3 different PCs and found that the actual final folder size for Halion 7 content is significantly smaller than what is indicated by the Download assistant:

“Content HALion 7” is listed with 30.32 GB, but after completion the download folder contains a bit less than 11 GB. Same result on all computers. Is this a mistake on my side or a malfunction? I’d understand if all the files would be moved to some other folder after installation, but it feels odd some would have been left behind.

Thanks for clarifying!

Haven’t seen this.

Are you sure the files in the folder you’re measuring are the ones from that download?

Yes, I also re-installed again, and indeed the same download folder gets updated again. After the second reinstall I then suddenly had a whopping 28 GB in that same folder.

It’s a bit tricky to compare files one by one using Library Manager, but based on a few random picks those files that remained in the download folder were already copied to their final folder correctly. So apparently sometimes the dowloaded files get removed, and sometimes not.

I noticed the same behavior with Groove Agent 5 content right now. One single file remained undeleted in the download folder, but it was copied correctly.

All other vst sound folders get emptied automatically after the install.

(Personally I’d prefer if all files remained in the download folders, since it would be much easier to then re-install to other PCs using an external drive. But you have to re-download everything, unless you are willing to hunt down the installed files one by one and copy them manually.)

I’ve changed to using a removable drive, to which I assign the same drive letter across PCs, then in SDA settings point to the same folder on each machine. That way, I can keep all downloads (making it easy to revert, e.g. if a version upgrade doesn’t work).

I do however install the VST content files (*.vstsound) to an internal SSD, but select the option Steve has higlighted above “Keep Installation Files”.

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Thank you so much, great tip!

I would have expected such a “keep installation files” option to be a general setting in the Download Assistant, not an instrument-specific one in the Library Manager (especially since there will be no entry in the SLM before installation has begun). I’ll set check boxes on all of them for the future.