Download Assistant has become a messy and buggy application

Just bought some update and new software. After clicking on 'download 'in the email it wants to install the latest Download Assistant, which is familiar behavior. What’s new to me is that you now have to log in with your Steinberg account and have to validate the *.exe. Not clear at first what I should do and I selected the installation file which it didn’t accept? But I found out it needs the installed *.exe. (Can you imagine new users having their first experience with Cubase or other software having to deal with this!!??)

Next it opens the ‘kind of’ familiar download screen we know of the Download Assistant. But wait…I bought the upgrade to VST Connect 5? But where is it? There’s no search function! So it’s browsing through the menu’s hoping to find it.

Next thing I noticed is the option to ‘Enter your download access code’ in the top left corner. So I got bold and entered my code there. Well, you might have guessed? It says “This is not a download code, would you like to activate your product?”. But I think you can guess the rest?

‘Something went wrong, please try again later’.

I noticed with the installation of DA it also upgrades the elicencer. And we all know it’s best to reboot after this? But no mention of this after DA finishes it’s installation.

There’s more, but sorry I’m done with this now.

I agree that the DA is kinda crappy.

I’ve been trying to download the GA5 content package (31Gigs) for about a week now. It keeps failing and I have to restart the download.
Yet in the download file there are almost 30gigs of files that DA doesn’t see or doesn’t recognize.

I live in “the outskirts of Canada” where I have a crap bandwidth cap, copper-pair DSL and downloads are about 400 Kb/Sec. Only slightly better than dial up. For me to download 31gigs I have to leave my computer on, downloading, for about 3 days, and it takes all my internet resources to accomplish this.

And the download has failed twice now. I go to restart it and get a “Download failed” error and have to start again.

I’ve tried a few workarounds such as moving the download folder to a different drive. I’m currently on my 3rd try right now. If this fails I don’t know how in gawd’s name I’m going to be able to recieve the software I’ve paid for.


Maybe you know someone in CA with a Steinberg ID who can download the files, burn and send the disk to you?

Well, I’m pleased to report that the various hillbillies in my area were not on the internet for Halloween. My bandwidth nearly doubled over the past 24hrs and, having left my download running for nearly 30 hours I finally have my GA5 content! WooHoo.
Life is good. Slow, but good.