Download assistant issue

I bought the upgrade to Dorico 4 from Dorico 3.5

When I try to enter the download access code I get this:

Any suggestions on how to make this work?


me too, waiting for solution from team

Same code appears

Me too. And there was me thinking this was the beginning of the licensing revolution…

Just to add that I tried to use the contact link and was told they are in a meeting and the page closed down…really can’t wait to use Dorico 4…hope there’s a quick solution to this!

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I’m having the same issue and also received the message that the US support team is in a meeting. Following here!

Haha, they’re probably figuring out how to rollback the licensing to the e-licenser :slight_smile:

Same problem here!

Same thing on my end.

I had a hunch it might have something to do with having different passwords for Steinberg Online Shop (Asknet) and MySteinberg - so I made them the same. Now, the licensing has succeeded! (Or maybe they fixed somethin on the servers…

Fixed, the team have solved!

Download Assistant is looping for me as well. Run, click Access, confirm authorization in Safari, Chrome or Firefox, and nothing happens. Mac 10.14.6. This issue was already reported via ticket in the past, but I’ve never heard anything from the support.


Resolved for me. I threw in there the ever popular Windows reboot since I had been running 3.5. Not sure if that had anything to do with anything

Everything is now resolved on my end! I didn’t have to change any credentials or alter the process — pasting the download access code into the Steinberg Download Assistant app worked, and the license upgrade progressed pretty quickly afterward.

If you see the error message “dre-417” please retry your DAC. The issue should now be resolved, as some others have already confirmed.


Thanks! Seems to be working for me too! :smiley:

Still not working for me. I logged a ticket and had a response asking to rety, but it’s just the same either via the website or the download assistant

Actually mine went through all of it - said everything ok - but Dorico 4 won’t start

Hi Ben, It’s still not working for me. I’m getting the same error on both the website and the download assistant.

Hi Paul - just to check, is your upgrade from Dorico Pro 3.5 to Dorico Pro 4?