Download assistant issue

No, its from 3.5 SE to Elements 4

Strange, the product I bought (which said it was an “upgrade”) from 3.5 SE, is no longer on the website to purchase?

Yes, I’m very sorry, that update shouldn’t have been made available today, though it will reappear very soon. I will send you a Download Access Code you can use to get you up and running.

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Ok. Thanks. It did seem a bit odd to me, but it clearly said it was an upgrade from 3.5 SE. I couldn’t understand why anybody would pay £85 for the full version when there was an upgrade path from a free product for £21 cheaper?

Ok. Thanks. I’ve got further. It accepted the Download Access Code and I can now see the product activated in the licensing manager. When I launch dorico, it’s hanging on the splash screen.

Do you have, or have you had, Cubase installed on your computer? If so, then perhaps you may be running into a problem that a few others have had today. Check in /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Components (this is the Library folder in the root of your hard disk, not the one in your user-level folder) whether you have a Eucon component in there. If you do, move it aside, then try running Dorico again.

Hi Daniel, while I have Cubase LE AI Elements 11 installed, I don’t have the component you say, there, but these others. Maybe some of them may cause my issues with SDA?



It sounds like you might be talking about something else, Paolo. What issue are you having with SDA?

Daniel, I have Steinberg Download Assistant looping while asking authorization to run Steinberg Web Launcher in the web browser.

I have a dialog in SDA with an “Access” button and a “Memorize data” checkbox. When clicking the “Access” button the default web browser opens.

A message in the web browser asks for consent to run “Steinberg Web Launcher”. I confirm, and nothing happens.

SDA still shown the red button, and nothing else. No error message, also.

This happens with Safari, Chrome and Firefox, on a Mac 10.14.6.


Could you try uninstalling Steinberg Download Assistant and then downloading and reinstalling it from Get Your Steinberg Product | Steinberg.

Ben, thank you! By removing it with the uninstaller, and then reinstalling it, it is now working!


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