Download Assistant Killed my License

Download Assistant upgrade hung and said elicenser failed. I have purchased a Cubase Pro 13 upgrade from 11 and now I have an error that there is no license to upgrade ! It’s the USB version. Help!

from what I can tell this is the expected behavior. You keep your chance to run Cubase 11 from your dongle, but it is set like that which means you have upgraded to the new system - and can’t buy more upgrades with that dongle

hmmmm thanks… do you know how I would install my update from 11 to 13?

get the latest Steinberg Download Assistant - put in your download code in the top left corner and the rest is pretty much straight forward. Do install your products, once you run Cubase 13 it will activate automatically.

Thanks very much Glenn … got there in the end… the “elicenser failed” and “there are no upgradeable licenses” errors threw me but we are all good. Thanks again.

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