Download assistant - no server connection

hi, since the release of C13 I can’t open the Steinberg Download Assistant! It always says, that there is no connection to the server. Does anyone also have that issue? thank you!

Yes, me too!

Yes, I ran it prior to purchasing the 13 upgrade and I get the same error! I even uninstalled the old Download Assistant package and re-installed it afresh.

I am having the same issue. I am running cu AI/elements 13. It just started this morning.


working again

still not working for me
it is really bothering me, reinstalled it several times

Have you restarted your machine, I have noticed after Cubase 13 installs you do get errors unless you restart your machine. (I’m using Windows) had to do it a couple of times after I updated a bunch of plug ins as well. If its a MAC do an actual shutdown as often MAC’s can go months without a proper restart.