Download Assistant not indicating what's covered by my license

Hi there,
I downloaded and installed the Vibrant library via my Absolute 4 license. Vibrant shows up in my Library Manager under the “Halion” tab. However, when I look for the Vibrant instrument icon in HALion 6 (or HALion Sonic) - it’s not there! Did miss something? What is it?

Help please!

I think there might be a slight chance that Vibrant is not included in Absolute 4. I was under the impression that by some miracle all those items in the Download Assistant are actually covered by my license. Why else would I be able to download and install it? And why wouldn’t I get any message to the contrary and not any hint to what is covered by my license in the Download Manager, or what has been downloaded and what has been installed? And if the download and install ist possible for evaluation purposes, why can’t I evaluate those non-licensed items?

The included content, applications and plugins that come with Absolute 3, 4 and 5 are listed in the the Absolute 3, 4 and 5 sections of the Download Assistant.

Vibrant is not in any of the lists. It’s its own product. Any product that has a trial demo available shows that info on the item’s product page on the Steinberg website.

Sorry, I was looking at Absolute 5 instead of Absolute 4. But that is just the confusion: why is it even possible to download and install all those modules if they are not licensened?

Because you are allowed to install the same product on multiple machines & move the dongle around to determine which computer is currently licensed. Steinberg licensing is always determined at the time a product is launched not during installation.