Download Assistant Painfully Not User Friendly

Hi All
Is it just me or is the Steinberg Download Assistant a pain in the arse?
You can only download on product at a time. So it can take days to download all the bits … bit by bit (triple pun??)
It does not record what you have downloaded, so you can’t see progress. You have to download it again, and then on “open” it tell you that you have already downloaded it…

I work with Adobe as well. It has a software management app. You can see a list of all the software, on one page, you choose what you want downloaded, or to download it all. Then it shows you at a glance, what still needs to be downloaded, what is downloading, what is queued to download. So easy to manage.

Yeah rubbish compared to toontrack product downloader which knows what is installed and shows you everything that is new.