Download assistant plugin updates?

Hey guys,

In download assistant > “Cubase Pro 11” or “Cubase Pro 11 Update”, how can you know what plugin is already up to date or which one should be updated?
Seems to me that there is plugins in the list that I have already updated?


Yeah, i’m wondering about this too. In Native Instrument’s Native Access, it’s very easy to keep track of updates. Steinberg should have this same kind of application/manager. Instead of spending an entire day of trying and failing, just to get stuff up to date. Does nobody really know an easy way to check Steinberg updates?

Yes indeed, in comparision Native Access is very well done.
There is really a lack of clarity with Steinberg Download Assistant…

I have seen recently (I don’t remember in which thread) a post from @Matthias_Quellmann saying that that even Steinberg headquarters weren’t satisfied about the present Download Assistant behavior. So, I guess that it will be improved at some point…

Hope you’re right… and that it won’t takes years…