Download assistant problem

Help please.

Each time I try to use download assistant I get the above message

I have updated Java so having updated from 12 pro to 13 Pro I am unable to download 13 or anything else for that matter. I am computer illiterate and would appreciate straightforward instructions as I am disabled due to stroke



As far as I can see, the C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Install Assistant directory name is invalid. Could you verify if this folder exists?

Could you try to install Steinberg Download Assistant as Administrator to have all the necessary permissions to Write?

Thank you Martin. I have Reloaded downloaded system many times how do I download it as administrator if that is different please?

Download Assistant is pants. Have you tried downloading directly from Steinberg’s site?

Thank you googly. I know about this but I also need to download sounds for alien SE and can only do this from the downloaded assistant trying to kill two-birds with one stone so having this problem

Martin the folder does not exist

I have added the folder manually same result result also have changed the folder path no change


Please, don’t download as administrator… Install it as administrator. Right-click the installer and choose the Run as administrator option.

Hi Martin try that no change. I uninstalled downloaded assistant then went in to download right clicked run as administrator completed download same result


Could you also try to start the Steinberg Download Assistant as administraotr? The same way: right-click the Steinberg Download Assistant and choose Run as Administrator.

Have you tried to search for this error message on the forum already, please?

Tried that no luck going through the history at this time