Download Assistant Problems

Download Assistant is the only piece of software that ever gives me trouble.

Every single time I start SDA it looks online for an update then fails to update / restart app.

The SDA is still running in the background, but no action. If I manually restart SDA it wants to update again, then fails again.

Yesterday, when I purch’d a C10 update from C9.5, all I got was the SDA in from the download button. Installed it and got about half of C10 after around 6hrs dld time. Had to shut’r off for: reasons.

Today, I start SDA to finish the download of the C10 update. Again it tries to update: Update fails. I tried reinstalling yesterday’s SDA download, that fails spectacularly: 'unable to unpack files…" etc. Had to “abort” install.

Pretty sure if I uninstall it and reinstall from scratch I’ll lose my download. I’m in rural Canada, an internet waistland. I don’t have the bandwidth or the data available to keep doing this.

Any idea on how to fix the SDA problem?


Turns out it was just file permissions and run as admin problems. sheesh.

But I still lost my previous download and it started all over again.