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I’m finding the Download Assistant very tedious to use. First, there appears to be no search feature. Second, when it comes to libraries, there are so many and trying to distinguish which I have access to doesn’t seem straightforward. Currently, it seems I have to install something, try and use/load it, then wait to look for red circles or licensing errors.

I misunderstood the Iconica library for Halion thinking both were included in C13 only to find out after content was downloaded that Halion Sonic was included and the rest is bloat I now need to clean off my hard drive to reclaim the space.

Is there a better way?

*I cut my teeth on Cubase SX3, but have mostly been using Ableton Live for more than a decade. 13 is my first meaningful effort to use Cubase again. Thanks in advance for any help or insights

If you select any product you have a license for on the left panel, the right panel will show you everything that license includes and nothing else.

So if you select Cubase 13 on the left, you will not see Iconica because it isn’t included. If you only select items on the left for which you have a license, you will never see an unlicensed download.

Thanks. So with that in mind… It appears that the way to use the DA, is basically use the ‘My product downloads’ section and ignore everything on the left below that - with the possible exception of ‘Complimentary Products’. Is that about right?

Now, if only there was an easier way to uninstall :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Yes, with a couple of possible exceptions. 1) When the new licensing was introduced the My Products section only listed a subset of the items that should be listed there - so you might have needed to look elsewhere. That appears to have gotten cleaned up, but its good to be aware of. 2) Product Trials.

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Thanks for your help