Download Assistant Stuck on Verifying

Ever since the upgrade to Cubase Version 12, I’ve had an issue with the Verve piano installation for HALion Sonic SE - the download would never fully complete and I’d have to re-start it again … and again … and again … and again … and again. Well, you get the picture. I gave up. Despite Installing multiple GB libraries from EastWest and Native Instruments, this one HALion instrument would not download correctly.

Eventually Steinberg sent me a direct link for Verve and I installed it from that; however, their Download Assistant was still showing it as outstanding. As I had no idea whether Verve had been updated over the intervening time period, last week I attempted to perform the download again. This time, it appears to have downloaded (all the files are present in the usual download location) but Steinberg’s Download Assistant sits at “Verifying” for hours and the CPU just keeps on getting hotter and hotter, to the point where I kill the app (95 Celsius, all 4 cores - TJMax is only 10C higher!!!).

So, what’s going on? Why won’t this instrument download and install correctly? Why is it showing as outstanding, despite the instrument being available and playable? Why won’t DA correctly download and install it? What can be done to remedy this situation?

DA is at the latest version … as is ever other Cubase instrument and the app itself. Running as an Administrator does not help and deleting the download files and starting again (yes, I’ve even resorted to trying that ole recommendation again) has no effect. Clearly there’s an installation breadcrumb remaining either in the Registry or in a settings file somewhere which requires clearing down.

Any help gratefully received. Cheers!