Download Assistant suggestions


i think you should really work on the download assistant in terms of user friendlyness and usability. that there is a tool is nice, but it could really need some improvements:

what i think is wrong:

  • you can only set download directory, not installation directory.
    my system has different drives for different tasks and i would like audio tools to be installed not on the standard c drive. but i cannot configure installation directories.

  • configuration of other folders
    as i said above my audio tools are not on c drive, therefore the VST folders aren’t on c either. as the downloader also installs all the applications it should know and configure the VST folders according to my choice.
    this also applies to sound libraries. why do i need to install them first and then move them? not a straight forward approach.

  • there should be a status for each application saying “installed” or “update availlable”. now there is only “reinstall” which is an indirect indication that the application is installed.