Download Assistant won’t launch on Mac Os Ventura

Hello! i bought an upgrade to 12 cubase. I was given a link to download the steinberg Download Assistant setup. I installed it, but it won’t turn on. Mac Os Ventura 13.4, Apple m1 Max. did anyone have such a problem?

13.4? Are you running the public betas?

We’re at 13.3.1a (the a if you got the rapid response security release last week), and it works perfectly fine on an Intel Mac here.

my download assistant did not turn on and I decided to see if there is a system update on mac. Updated the system to the proposed 13.4, but nothing has changed. on the previous version of os did not work either. maybe this is a problem in the m1 chip?

Not an issue with M1 overall at least. Working fine for me on an M1 Pro (Monterey). Could well be the 13.4 update