Download assistant / Wrong software in "My products"

Using “Download Assistant”, during a new installation on my new computer, I think I did a wrong first download of Cubase AI 11.
My Cubase version is Cubase Element 10.5.
I can’t find the way to supress Cubase AI 11 to replace it with Cubase Element 10.5 in “My products”.
Cubase AI 11 reappears after a new installation of “Steinberg Download Assistant”.

Thank you

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Just click to All Products in the Steinberg Download Assistant then you can find Cubase Elements 10.5.

Thank you
But already done. v10.5 is installed.
I was only wondering if there’s a way to have only v10.5 in “My products”.
v11 isn’t my product.
That’s all.