Download assistant

I am having troubles still with download assistant.
I managed to upgrade my licence but can not get into the download assistant.
Just endless SIGN IN.

I s this still because the server is to busy or am I doing something wrong?

I just want to download this before kit goes back on sale

Not sure what it can be, but I noticed a strange behaviour too, as it asks me to sign in and then opens my browser in the background, which in my system is Microsoft Edge. Perhaps with another browser or even system settings this doesn’t work well? May be worth a try to change the default browser in the system settings (if you are on PC btw).
After I logged into my account via the browser it also prompts me to allow to launch another application (the SDA) from the browser dialog, which I allowed of course. Then I am able to use the SDA. Really don’t understand why they messed the application in this way.

Hi, go to Windows Settings - Time and Date then press the Sync time button - Download Assistant should then work. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the replies.
I have done the time sync thing, it was already synced but I did try it on three computers to no avail.
Two PCs and one mac.
If this is just because of heavy traffic I don’t mind waiting but the combination of the elicence not working and a new method to use the download assistant makes me wonder if I’m doing it wrong.
still no love