Download Assistant?

Steinberg Download Assistant drives me crazy. After starting the app I click on Sign in (Anmelden), the browser window opens, I sign up on the Steinberg website and allow the browser to start the web launcher. But then nothing happens. The Sign-In-window of the Download Assistant is still open. Nothing more …
I tried it with Safari, Brave and Firefox.
MacOS 13.1
What can I do?
Thanks in advance!

Just download the installers from the Steinberg website, under Support > Downloads.

Seems like you have generally disallowed your browsers to speak with apps?
Check your privacy and security settings in the browsers.
Safari asks me every time if I want the website to allow opening the SDA.

Thank you for your response. My browsers are allowed to speak with apps – in this case permanently. But it has no effect on any workflow in order to start the download manager.

Thx! This worked fine.