Download Assistant's Memory Skills


I switched from Logic to Cubase last week. When I first used the Download Assistant and installed a few things, it gave a nice little Green check in the status column. I figured I would not install everything right away, and just start learning. Especially given that this nice big green status mark showed me what I had installed, it would be easy to come back and finish up later.

But now when I open up the Download Assistant, there are no green checks in the status column, and I have zero idea what I installed and what I didn’t?

I did an experiment and installed something again, got the green status check, and then I shut down the assistant and restarted, and the confirmation was gone. This seems like an assistant with dementia?

Download assistants for Izotope, Native Instruments, etc look to see what you have installed, so you know exactly what you need to update or add.

Is there a problem with my Download Assistant or is it meant to function this way? If it is meant to function this way, is there another tool that can show me what is installed and what isn’t?



I agree. I would also expect Steinberg Download Assistant would remember the state even after quit & relaunch.

Yeh would be nice for it to remember what’s downloaded/installed and prompt for any available updates

If there is a place to enter feature requests, I wouldn’t mind entering this one. It’s a very small thing but would be very helpful.

On another tack, does Download Assistant tell you when there is a maintenance release?

I guess my option is just to reinstall everything beginning to end, all in one sitting.

Yeah, maintenance releases are going to be painful. Install all again?

Eh, maybe I should just forget all this content which I’ll probably never use, and just install the recommended stuff which is 9 things…, easier on my brain. So the Halion stuff, Groove Agent, Retrologue and Padshop are recommended. The rest is all optional.

Update I ended up installing everything again. All 30 installs. It wasn’t so bad, Click all 30 downloads, queue them up, watch the cylon blue eyed downloads, watch for the first Install button, click… repeat. I pretended it was a video game. Then I took a screenshot for posterity.