Download broken - Simon Phillips Jazz Drums

I purchased a few expansions and this is the only one not downloading. In the download assistant, the “presets” file downloads ok, but the content does not. It takes forever for the tabs to load on my browser, and they finally load up to a Error code: STATUS_BREAKPOINT

I tried a few different browsers with the same result. Anybody else having trouble with this one? I tried again several hours later, still happening.

update 10/15: A few days later and still no luck. Can somebody please try it? I don’t think you need to buy before you download it in the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Same here my dude. 7.5GB of GA5 Drum goodness paid for and unavailable. Hope this gets fixed soon.

Finally! Somebody with the same issue. I knew I couldn’t be alone :wink:

By the way, what I did for now is just download the GA 4 version. Installed it then replaced the preset file with the preset file from the GA 5 download (which was the only file that I was actually able to download).

GA5 version of the P.S. Jazz Drums Download worked for me from USA, using the Steinberg Downloader, on 10/26/2020.

The same download didn’t work for me when downloading with the browser, yet worked fine via integrated aria downloader inside download assistant.

I installed the recent Download Assistant update and now can download GA5 version. Thanks!