Download concerns


I posted here last night as a quick reply to the "Sternberg Download Assistant crashes on start " thread, but I can’t see it there.
I said that I had been watching the roll-out since I first got a ‘Dorico is coming’ email, and had come to the point where I was ready to buy - but was given pause by the signs of still persisting problems with downloads and installation.

I would be grateful if Steinberg would be absolutely open with us about these things. What is the current assessment of the situation ?

I appreciate that someone needs to be downloading, or the problems, if any, won’t be apparent. I am even willing to be some sort of monitored guinea-pig, provided I am sure I will get there in the end !


Ian Graham

Even in the unlikely event that Steinberg Download Assistant crashes on your computer – we have only seen a couple of reports of this, one caused by a rogue font and others caused by running an unsupported Windows Insider build – we will make sure that you can obtain the software one way or another. We can provide a means for you to get the download even if SDA doesn’t work.

Thank you