Download Cubase Elements 7


I have bought the Cubase Elements 7 and have made the download for mac. I have ativated and make the registration of the software. Loging in the steinberg i can’t see a way to download the full version of Cubase Elements, only the updates. But in Cubase 7 is possible to download the full version and updates.

Why there is no Cubase Elements Full version download link? I have bought it!

I want to download the pc version because i will buy a usb dongle to have the software on PC and Mac.


Hi jmggs,

I have send you a PM with a link for the Cubase Elements 7 installer.

However, you will not be able to use it same time on both computer. It also makes no sense to buy another dongle as you can only have the license on one. If you want to use Cubase Elements on Mac and PC simultaniously, you need to buy another license.


I sounds like he intends to buy a dongle (the first and only one) so he can transfer the soft license onto it. Then, he could run it on both, just not at the same time.
Of course, I could be misunderstanding.

Thanks for the hint. This is highly possible.

Sure, if he buys a dongle, transfers the license then he can switch computers. No problem there.


I have have a similar problem, I bought Elements 7 a while ago and didn’t use it much and I accidentally deleted the installer and got a new computer. I need both Windows 64bit and Mac versions.
I also contacted the customer service, but being weekend and all, it’s probably going to take a while.
Anybody care to help me?


Hi Mariusl32,

could you solve the problem or do you need assistance still?