Download finished songs in Cubase format + beginner question

I’m afraid you’ll have to deal with Wav (or some other supported audio format) files. There is no such thing as a Cubase audio format. The Cubase project files doesn’t contain any audio. Just pointers to the audio files on your harddisc.

Good file-management is vital, in order to avoid problems later. Please, read this response to a guy who did run into problems:

The closest thing to “ready-made” Cubase projects, I believe, you’ll find are a couple of demos that Steinberg has posted here (scoll down to the bottom of the page):
Cubase 7
Cubase Artist 7
Cubase Elements 7

As already has been said, one or more video tutorial courses are an excellent investment if you’re new to Cubase. Ask Video and Groove 3 both make good courses for various levels. Check out their sites. Some lessons are actually free.

YouTube is also an excellent source of free tutorial videos:

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Good luck