Download Manger and old/new Cubase content install

updated to cubase 13, and in the Download manger i see cubase 13, and its all optional content, but alot of it already installed from previous cubase versions, and it wont let me indication which installed and which not.
for example i have already Verve content which is above 8 GB, installed already,or Halion sonic SE etc… but its not listed on cubase 13 download as installed. (some are marked as installed and some not)
its difficult to know what to install new. want just to install all option for the ones are not installed yet.

It is always the problem with the Steinberg Download Assistant. It isn’t capable of properly checking which content or even application is already installed + new content (or the same again) will not be installed in the directory I set as default for Content. Today I installed Cubase 13 via SDA and installed also same content twice but in two different locations + it can also happen with presets and then it all ends up in a mess having presets twice, very annoying. SDA got slightly better but still is a bit of apita

Hoo its mess if it installs twice on different location !
i didn’t check, hopefully its not on 2 locations on my system
anyway, SDA needs further improvements for sure

If SDA installed new content into a different location at least the Library Manager does the work easily (move)

they all installed on the same location, the default location i set on a second internal SSD
hopefully its not on other locations too, but i don’t think so

You can check the content locations in the Library Manager as well though it needs a lot of clicking (for each content one click)

If you go here:

The items that are new since C12 have a star in front of them.

i sorted it, but in general i excepted the SDA to handle it. it works partially though , some installed sets were marked as installed, and some already installed sets weren’t marked as installed , so its confusing and downloading and installing unnecessary sets/programs that already were installed

I am new to using Cubase. I want to try a trial and then I would continue with liscene. Please help me

Hello and welcome to the forum.

There is not yet a trial version of Cubase 13 available. I think Steinberg stated that a trial version ought to be published some 2 months after the initial version release. But maybe I remember it not correctly.
I’d expect a trial version to be downloadable by December/January.